Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Right to Work Conference

Saturday 13 June, 11am-4pm, ULU Malet Street, London WC1E 7HY & SOAS, Thornhaugh St. Register at ULU

A couple of our people hope to leaflet this event for our upcoming workers & unemployed bookfair. Fact of the day: Karl Marx's rakish son-in-law Paul Lafargue wrote a pamphlet The Right to be Lazy that at one time was #2 on the socialist bestsellers list in Europe right behind The Communist Manifesto.

'For too long thousands of jobs have been destroyed without resistance. For too long the issue of unemployment—especially youth unemployment—has been ignored. It is time to organise the fightback.
The occupations and campaigns at Visteon, the occupations at Prisme in Dundee and the occupation at Waterford Crystal have changed the atmosphere inside the working class movement.
We desperately need more resistance.
The economic crisis, internationally and domestically, is leading to soaring unemployment, insecurity and devastation of communities.
UK unemployment is well over 2 million and headed sharply upwards. Young people are particularly badly affected. There are already 820,000 unemployed under the age of 25, and 600,000 people leave school this summer. Many will not find jobs.
The government has found hundreds of billions to bailout banks and financial institutions.
But instead of saving jobs, Gordon Brown is pressing ahead with policies that cut them—from Royal Mail to local government to the civil service to the NHS.
Individual unions and the TUC should be leading the fight against job losses by opposing redundancies, resisting closures and demanding a transformation of government policy.
This is a conference to learn from the experience of resistance, encourage more struggles, and bring together trade unionists, the unemployed, school and college leavers.'